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How WiPay created verification flow with UpPass

WiPay are E-Money Wallets, Games and E-commerce businesses that are creating new dimensions and new options for integrated payment.

How WiPay created verification flow with UpPass
Goal :

To reduce development cost for eKYC feature

Industry :


Region :



As a mobile financial service provider, WiPay needs to comply regularly with Bank of Thailand, which includes, KYC verification and cross checking with DOPD


  • Solution
  • OCR
  • Liveness
  • Face compare
  • eKYC


WiPay integrates with UpPass in their onboarding flow. Upon opening the app for the first time, customers need to verify their identity with UpPass and get approved immediately.


Faster go-to market

Without UpPass
~ development effort incurred
With UpPass
reduce cost and time of development

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