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Liveness Detection

Security that does not comprise speed

Seamless experience with the passive liveness detection to prevent real person spoofings


High accuracy

Stop impersonation frauds and stolen ID. UpPass is powered by the iBeta/NIST Level 2 certified liveness detection technology to ensure global security standard.


Frictionless experience

With passive liveness detection, the users do not have to perform any tasks but just look at the screen. More than 98% finishes the verification within the first try.


Built with no code

Acquiring customers through chats? Save video calls, and send a liveness verification link within a minute.

How it works

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Share links

Once the flow is built and saved, send the verification links through email, SMS, or embed in the journey of the website.

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Verify the presence

The users can effortlessly verify their liveness presence in front of the screen in just a few seconds. Simply look at the screen. No head turn or blinking needed.

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Proceed to take ID photos

Complete the identity verification by taking the photo of ID documents with the portrait image for facial comparison.



Pass in the first try effortlessly.

3 sec

That’s how fast we can verify the users’ liveness presence

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Other Features


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ID Document Verification & OCR

Validate ID documents and save your customers’ time to fill in the form through OCR technology

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