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How True Move H created verification flow with UpPass

True Move H is the second largest mobile telecommunication operator in Thailand. How they verification all cutomer with UpPass.

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Goal :

To reduce cost and time of ID verification

Industry :


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Previously, TrueMove H has used agents to verify customer identification via video calls. If agents are busy, customers have to hold the line and wait for their turn to verify. The average time to complete verification is 8 minutes.


  • Liveness
  • Upload ID card
  • OCR
  • Send with Web Hook


True Move H requires every customer to verify the identity of the pre-paid SIM card buyers which in the past were validated by the sellers of the SIM card buyers face-to-face or video call agent team. After Covid-19 hits back in March 2020, the company saw a big shift of their pre-paid SIM cards to online purchase, demanding the need for self eKYC web application.

UpPass provides customizable Identity verification (eKYC) flow to various channels and services (retail stores, e-commerce, customer support mobile/ web applications, convenience stores). With in 2 weeks, our solution replaces video call agent method and handle cases to ensure great customer experience throughout their customer activation journey.


Reduce the cost for ID verification and scale video call agent team by 13x.

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