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Personalize user verification with
delightful experience

Onboard global customers with localized experience with no-code (built for business users)
Available across :
Southeast Asia

Let your customers verify themselves the way they are familiar with.

Available Digital ID on the fly

Verify your customers with maximum accuracy with official Digital ID based on their country.

Full local compliance

Ensuring complete adherence to local regulations, mitigating legal risks for your business.

Validate against local identity data

Thoroughly verifying customer information using extensive local identity datasets for enhanced risk management

Better result in local language ID

Regional player with local understanding. Experience more accurate non-roman character OCR with less false positive.

Build logics and connect services for personalized identity verification experience

Define your own rules to suit your identity fraud tolerance
Enhance security with enriched features from third party services
World class Passive Liveness and ID Document fraud detection

Cross validate with true local identity data source, and digital ID, global AML databases

Automate over 4,000,000 Frauds and Credit Risks Decisions for Fintech and Local Big Brands in South East Asia