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Smart Online File Uploader

Effortlessly verify file contents with AI validators using our smart online file uploader.

Enhance efficiency by integrating our smart JavaScript online file uploader seamlessly into your site

Instant Document Sorting

Instant Document Sorting

Notify users instantly about the correct document types they need to upload, ensuring accuracy.

Extract Key Information

Extract Key Information

Extract essential data from images and documents using natural language

Check Values Across Documents

Check Values Across Documents

Detect specific predefined values within document content to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Global Language Support

Global Language Support

Provide comprehensive support for documents in over 60+ languages, catering to diverse global needs.

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"UpPass has revolutionized our file reviewing process, saving us hours every week."

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“The Smart File Uploader reduces unqualified documents and allows us to validate file with enriched information”

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Built for both developers and marketers
Add UpPass Smart Online File Uploader Element
Add UpPass Smart Online File Uploader Element
Add UpPass Smart Online File Uploader element in the Builder
Filter document types with the keywords
Filter document types with the keywords
Enter the list of keywords you want to appear in the document. Customize the fuzzy matching logic as necessary to ensure optimal keyword recognition and relevance.
Define Key Values
Define Key Values
Specify the key values that the UpPass Smart Online File Uploader will extract from uploaded files. Provide detailed context or instructions for transforming these values post-extraction.
Set Validation Fields
Set Validation Fields
Set fields to compare extracted values with form parameters or other data, ensuring users provide relevant files with related information.
Choose your preferred integration options
Choose your preferred integration options
Explore and select from a variety of integration options offered by UpPass to seamlessly integrate the Smart Online File Uploader into your existing systems. Choose the option that best meets your needs.

Seamlessly integrate Smart Online File Uploader with no-code or low code options

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Streamline your workflow by automating the document review process with our smart online file uploader.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate the UpPass file uploader into my application?
Our comprehensive API documentation and SDKs make integration simple and straightforward.
What types of documents can UpPass classify and extract data from?
UpPass supports a wide range of document types, including PDFs, images, and text files.
Is there a limit to the number of documents I can upload?
Our pricing tiers cater to different needs, from small-scale to enterprise-level document handling.
How accurate is the key value extraction?
Our Gen-AI technology ensures high accuracy, even with unstructured documents.
What are the limitations?
Poor quality images or text on the documents that are unclear might process with some inaccuracies. The feature does not tell whether the contents in the document or images are fake or genuine, or check against external databases.

Ensure Secure and Trusted Document Verification

Data Privacy Complied

Data Privacy Complied

We embrace and follow data privacy guidelines in both PDPA and GDPR very strictly. Read more about our data privacy notice here.

Keep your data secured

Keep your data secured

UpPass encrypts and stores your customer data temporarily in the World Trusted Cloud Infrastructure with ISO/IEC 27001 certification and OWASP top 10 best practices.

Flexible Data Retention

Flexible Data Retention

It is your customer data, you control it. You can specify how long you want us to retain your identifiable customer's data or immediately delete after data is sent over to your applications.

Our commitment to Information Security

UpPass is ISO27001 certified company by BSI (No : IS773635)


Fully Compliant

Our data privacy practice and governance is fully compliant with GDPR and PDPA standards. Your data is retained securely on the world class Cloud that comes with a full set of compliance offerings.

Secure with ISO 27001 and world class standards. Available Options for no file storage and VPN direct connection.

Verify file content is never easier!

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