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Personalize eKYC verification with adaptive friction

Customize user experience and complex verification logic to collect accurate identity information without hurting conversion.

Save cost on eKYC by detecting risky users earlier

Integrate with digital intelligence fraud services

Reduce costs on user verification by detecting fraud signals and unqualified users on top of the funnels

Request more documents only when it is needed

Customize fraud logic from multiple data sources to detect risky signals and request for more proof of identity

Validate against local identity data

Thoroughly verify customer information using e-KYC local identity datasets for enhanced risk management

Better result in local ID documents

Regional player with local understanding. Experience more accurate non-roman character OCR with less false positive.

Build logics and connect services for personalized identity verification experience

Choose a verification template and customize
Choose a verification template and customize
Select from our pre-built eKYC verification flows and customize steps, styling, and decisions based on your risk policy.
Look deep into each verification attempt behavior
Look deep into each verification attempt behavior
Track the fraudulent behaviors in all pass and fail past attempts to make sure that we do not miss bad actors.
Ready to cut your operational AML costs and business onboarding time

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