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Optimize Fraud Risk Mitigation

Integrate various identity verification pathways depending on the user’s risk level, minimizing friction, achieving cost savings and optimizing fraud risk management.

Value Proposition

Minimize Friction to Enhance User Experience

Expedite a smooth, frictionless customer experience for genuine users and increase the hurdles for potential threats by adjusting security measures aligned with fraud risk management.

Multi-Faceted Fraud Verification

Simplify the execution of multifaceted fraud verifications according to the degree of suspicious activity, employing a risk-based approach.

Optimize Verification Expenses

Unlock significant cost and time savings by optimizing the user journey, minimizing verification checks for authorized users compared to suspicious players.



Streamlined Multi-Faceted Verification

Effortlessly implement a customizable user journey integrating your preferred third party platform to transfer verified information

How to

Easy To Implement No-Code Flow Builder
Effortlessly personalize the customer journey with the no-code flow builder for a comprehensive, user-friendly approach.
Optimize Workflow Efficiency
Determine the optimal user pathway by assessing perceived risk levels, utilizing a combination of third-party and local data sources.
Integrate with Third-Party Services
Connect and transfer verified information with ease to your third party platform of choice.
Matt Cannon
Head of Marketing

“Their innovative approach not only enhances user experience by reducing friction but also optimizes resources, leading to significant cost savings for our organization.” 

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