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Bank Statement Verification

Retrieve financial data with confidence

A better way to get accurate account transaction data through PDF statement and Open APIs


Extract with precision

Allow customers to upload their PDF bank statement from official mobile banking app or connect through their account and verify information real-time


Check frauds & suspicious activities

Detect if the PDF bank statements were edited or tempered and any unusual manipulation of deposit amounts.


Fast and Secure

Get financial insights through our PDF parsers and world trusted open finance API partners in a minute. No customers’ credential are stored.

How it works

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Access to financial accounts

Users simply select their bank accounts to upload the PDF bank statement or connect.

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Validate across multiple accounts

Users can connect to multiple banks in a single interface. Aggregated transaction results are validated to meet the requirements such as transaction length, number of months, etc.

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Summary & Insights

View the summarized information at a glance for faster operations and business decisions.

Other Features


Liveness Detection

Seamless experience with the passive liveness detection to prevent real person spoofings

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ID Document Verification & OCR

Validate ID documents and save your customers’ time to fill in the form through OCR technology

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