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Enrich your risk assessments and fraud prevention with local data & third party services

Liveness Verification
The Liveness Check API verifies if the customer is genuine, alive, and prevents fraudulent activities through facial recognition technology with reliability and ease.
Liveness Verification Global
ID Document Verification
Global document ID verification for 10,000+ document types and 150+ countries in real-time enhance customer authentication and safeguard your business against identity fraud.
ID Document Verification Global
Bank Statement Extraction
Uppass's cutting-edge bank statement extraction technology can help effortlessly extract and integrate bank statements, streamlining financial processes and eliminating manual data entry
Bank Statement Extraction Thailand
Utility Bill Extraction
Utilize Uppass's unified Bill Extraction API for reliable and easy customer identification through bill verification, ensuring legitimacy and preventing fraud.
Utility Bill Extraction Thailand
Email & Mobile Verification
Validate email addresses and phone numbers, effectively safeguarding the platform from fraudulent activities and maintaining a trustworthy user base.
Email & Mobile Verification SEA
Fraud Prevention & Verification
A modern fraud prevention SaaS to enrich customer data (IP addresses, emails and phone numbers) and detect fraud patterns.
Fraud Prevention & Verification Global
Thai Identity Credential
Identity Verification
UpPass helps develop data integration with the official identity credential verification in Thailand
Thai Identity Credential Thailand
Indonesia Identity Credential
Identity Verification
UpPass helps with data integration with the official identity credential verification in Indonesia
Indonesia Identity Credential Indonesia
Philippine Identity Credential
Identity Verification
UpPass helps with data integration with the official identity credential verification in Philippine
Philippine Identity Credential Philippine
Central Bankruptcy Court
Bankruptcy check
Safeguard financial integrity with AML compliance oversight and efficient management of a blacklist, preventing financial crimes and bankruptcy-related fraud.
Central Bankruptcy Court Thailand
Business Information
Platform allows real-time company checks, UBO, KYB, and KYC by establishing direct connections with the business registries in Asia.
AsiaVerify SEA
Business Registration database
Business Information
Access company data, financial information, credit reports, and industry trends for informed decision-making and growth.
Business Registration database Thailand
Legal Cases Database
Legal case/ Blacklist
Safeguard your financial institution by preventing money laundering and monitoring blacklisted entities involved in financial crimes.
Legal Cases Database Thailand
Comply advantage
AML and Sanction Screening
The leader in AI-driven fraud and Anti-money Laundering risk detection
Comply advantage Global
Intelligent Document Processing
Regional Document AI that processes unstructured business documents such as bank statements, and automate operational processes
6estates SEA
Alternative Credit Risk Data
Advanced behavioral analytics based on smartphone and web metadata for risk and fraud, and marketing.
CredoLab Global
True Analytics
Alternative Credit Risk Data
Telco based customer score from alternative data such as service usage, behavior, and bill payment behavior for customers in Thailand
True Analytics Thailand

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